While one of my favourite things when I need comfort is food (chocolate works wonders!), I also turn to films when I need a laugh or that feel-good warmth.

Today, “Clue” popped into my head, and it’s perfect for the way I’m feeling now – tired, irritated, frustrated… – Why are you all running for the hills? I’m not THAT grumpy. OK, maybe I am, but I have “Clue” to make me giggle and restore my good spirits, so you’re all safe.

Just the thought of the manic nonsense of the plotline, Tim Curry as the butler, Wadsworth, and those great lines (“Who’s there?” “Nobody.” “What do you mean?” “Nobody. No body… Mr Boddy’s body. It’s gone.”) has me smiling.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of this film, it’s based on the board game, “Clue” (“Cluedo” in the UK), and follows a group of people who have been invited to have dinner with the person who is blackmailing them. During the course of the evening, the body count rises, and all the guests (ably aided by the butler) run around the house trying to work out whodunnit. One of its extra special quirks is its three endings. On the DVD, you can have one chosen at random.

Because just thinking about them makes me laugh, here are a couple of other quotes:

– “To cut a long story short-”
– “Too late.”


– “Well, there is still some confusion as to whether or not there’s anybody else in this house.”
– “I told you – there isn’t.”
– “There isn’t any confusion or there isn’t anybody else?”
– “Either. Or both.”
– “Just give me a clear answer!”
– “Certainly.” [Pause] “What was the question?”

Do you find films bring comfort after particularly bad days? Which film would you pick if you needed a laugh?