I don’t usually write poetry, but this came to me after trying to write on a train on a particularly bumpy trip, when all I had was a notepad and pen. Hope you enjoy :) .

I have my notebook at the ready.
Now, if only the ride could be steady
My work would be on one line and not
Up and down and full of ink blots.

I thought I would use this journey to write,
But instead of simply left to right,
The words are now all over the show
Often in a language I don’t know.

I’ve done my best through rickety trips,
Clattering over rails, and up and down dips,
But my pen is all over the page in a mess.
Perhaps not my best idea, I confess.

So, this is my advice to writers on trains
Who need every bit of time they attain:
Write all you like, but follow this creed
Don’t write anything you’re hoping to read!

Image courtesy of Feelart | FreeDigitalPhotos.net