As Halloween is on Monday, I thought it a good time to list a few fun things to do :).

  1. Trick or Treating (Gee, I bet no one thought of that one ;). Generally, better to do with kids in tow. You might get a few strange looks otherwise.)
  2. Scary movie night (And I don’t mean the Scary Movie collection, but some movies that can make you jump – great when having a sleepover.)
  3. Ghost Walk (Lots of places have them, particularly if there’s a long history, and walking through a dark cemetery at midnight, even with other people, is pretty spooky.)
  4. Atmosphere (I might be out of touch with its modern incarnation, but this game, that involved a video playing on the TV as the game progressed on the board was great for some frights when the character would flash back onto the screen accompanied by a sudden thunder clap.)
  5. Themed costume party or dance (Great fun dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller along with a guy in a Scream mask, a vampire, and a couple of zombies :))

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you all have a fun (but safe) night.

Image: Salvatore Vuono /