It seems I either get into shows just as something happens to change them, or I start a show that doesn’t get to fulfill its potential. Here are a few of those.

  1. Blood Ties – got cancelled and I loved this series. Plus it ended in a very unfinished sort of fashion.
  2. Charmed – Prue dying. Even though the writers had a great premise for introducing Paige, and I don’t know what happened between the actresses, I still really missed Prue.
  3. Charmed – Cole. I used to tune in each week just to watch Phoebe and Cole; I thought they were so sweet. They were my absolute favourite couple. Then, it all went to Hell. Literally. And she ended up with someone else? Bah!
  4. Kindred: The Embraced – another cancelled show, and after hardly any episodes. It seemed to have great potential, but didn’t get the chance to develop it.
  5. Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman – the wedding that wasn’t. I’m not too sure what happened here. There were rumours of the network wanting it drawn out, but it resulted in a lot of angry fans, a severe drop in viewers, and some crappy storylines (clones and frogs, anyone?).

Did you think these were bad things? Or did they help the shows? Any others you’d like to add?