I have a treat for all of you today.

I first heard about Jenna Gustafson on Shannon O’Donnell’s blog, Book Dreaming. Jenna has written a book, called “Saving Fort Smoky”, and – get this – she’s only 15 years old! The story started off as a class assignment, then she decided to turn it into a book.

I think this is a major achievement! When I was fifteen, I was still working on getting stories finished. I didn’t get anywhere near having them published.

Here’s the book blurb (from Goodreads):

There’s only one hope for Fort Smoky to survive. After a devastating fire ravages the homes of Fort Smoky, it’s up to young Ben Clearwater and his sister and friends to help the residents and get to Fort Futureland to save the people before the harsh, cold winter sets in. To get there, they will have to trek through unknown mountains, relying on Running Wind’s compass and Big Jim’s maps of the land while struggling against the harsh forces of Mother Nature.

Fort Futureland is a place of new and interesting contraptions, like cars and computers, the four children have never seen, and they are captivated. But the children soon uncover a sinister plot to destroy their beloved Fort Smoky. Will they be able to stop the evil leaders of Fort Futureland? Will they ever make it home? Will they be heroes for Saving Fort Smoky?

I think it sounds a heartwarming adventure story for children, and I might find myself buying it for my nephews when they’re a little bit older. Here’s where you can get it from:

Amazon: (UK) (US)