In the spirit of my friends across the pond aptly-named holiday, Thanksgiving (which I think is a great idea, and we should adopt in the UK, even if we don’t have the history that goes with it), I decided to consider what I’m most thankful for, and list them out here:

  1. My dad (there have been rocky times, but he’s always supported me, been there for me, and he even reads my stories – sometimes several times. I don’t know what I’d do without him.)
  2. My sister and her family (she and my nephews make me laugh, and my brother-in-law is great for talking computers with)
  3. My best friend (I’ve known her since I was ten, and she’s always there for me to talk to if I need her. She’s believed in my writing from the very beginning, and has always encouraged me in it.)
  4. My job (I’m very thankful I’m employed doing something I enjoy)
  5. My writing (it lets me visit some amazing worlds, meet interesting characters, and takes me out of myself for a while)

So, that’s me, even if it’s a little late. Did you do anything nice for Thanksgiving?

Image: David Castillo Dominici /