I’m not really one for cities. To me, they usually look like a haven for concrete. However, I’ve found a few across the UK that are the exception, and here are some of them.

  1. Edinburgh (beautiful architecture, rich history, and close to stunning countryside)
  2. Cambridge (a mixture of modern and historic, urban and rural, it’s hard to believe Cambridge is missing anything)
  3. Oxford (another example of the seamless blending of history and modernism)
  4. Bath (stunning Georgian architecture and golden stone, gorgeous views, and a real sense of history – that would be Bath in the picture :))
  5. London (despite being the capital, it manages to have havens of peace in the many parks, a river in the Thames, a theatreland unrivalled in the rest of the UK, and lots of amazing buildings dating back hundreds of years)

What about you? What cities do you like? And would you prefer to be a rural- or urban-ite?