In celebration of Coral Moore’s book, “Broods of Fenrir”, and the fact that I recently finished Ali Cross’s book, “Become”, here are a few gods from Norse mythology. (In case you’re wondering about my choice, Norse mythology features in both books :).)

  1. Odin – Chief god, and the most powerful in Asgard. The world was created by Odin and his two brothers. You can tell him in pictures, because he only has one eye (he traded the other for infinite wisdom – think I’d rather have the eye and a steep learning curve ;)).
  2. Frigg – Wife of Odin and queen of Asgard. Goddess of marriage and fertility. Her name means “beloved one”.
  3. Thor – Thunder god, the god of storms. Son of Odin and Fjorgyn (Earth). Strongest of all the gods, and known to be ill-tempered. He owns a hammer, called Mjolnir, which can hit any target, and always returns to him.
  4. Freyja (also known as Freya) – Goddess of love, lust, beauty, sorcery, and death (busy girl!). Daughter of the sea god, Njord, and twin sister of Freyr.
  5. Loki – Trickster god. He was not an Aesir, but Odin took him in and made him his blood brother. Hence, why he lives on Asgard. Not to be trusted. Full of mischief, and heads towards evil as time goes on.

So, there you have it, and here endeth today’s lesson in world mythology ;). What myths do you like reading about?