The start of a new year. A new beginning. Something like this tends to make me re-evaluate various items, but I’m behind on that right now (yeah, yeah, I know, the year’s just started and I’m already behind – doesn’t bode well, does it?)

Due to my “behind” status, I’m going on a little hiatus. During that time, I’m going to work out some changes for the blog and hopefully (fingers crossed) make some good progress with my rewrites.

Before I disappear off into the web-o-sphere, I have a few things I’d like to mention:

1) I loved participating in Laura’s SantaFest, and thank you so much to whoever made me this lovely blog award. I will be awarding it out to other worthy souls when I reappear.

2) I’m so glad I joined a critique group at the very end of 2010. Critiquing others’ work, and having such talented people critique mine has definitely made me a better writer. I feel that’s one of the better things 2011 gave me.

3) I’ve been awarded the Great Comments Award by The Golden Eagle and Cherie Reich – thanks, guys!

Generally, the award is supposed to go to the 20 most recent commenters, but my blog is still a tight-knit community, so I’m going to restrict the list to 10 on this occasion, and here they are:

I think that’s about it. Thanks for all your support on my blog over the last few months. Hope to see you again soon :).

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