Wow, is that the date? I mean – * squints at calendar * – we’re in March, and not only March, but March 2014?!

Was it really January 2012 when I last posted here? I think the move to WordPress has muddled the dates.

OK, so maybe it’s not WordPress’s fault; maybe it’s all me. I need to give myself some deadlines to work to!

So, let me do a quick update for the last year and a bit.

I decided I would move the site to WordPress – ta dah! I’ve only just finished the move. This would be because it took me some time to find a theme I was happy with. I tried various; it wasn’t a good way to spend time. I also changed the site’s address and title. The newly-named “Somewhere Only We Know” is now based at I hope you’ll all bookmark and come visit.

My writing? Is someone asking me about that? What was I saying above about deadlines? I’m afraid my writing has suffered from various other things happening in my life. I badly need to get back to my writer-ly self this year.

In the real world, I left my day job and moved somewhere else very nice, my personal life has been doing an impression of a rollercoaster, and I am trying to move house. So, only a few things going on…

What about all of you? How have you been getting on?