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Does anyone like writing bios? Hmm, maybe those people I see when out shopping – you know the sort: the ones who can’t pass a shop window without checking their hair. But for the rest of us? Certainly, I’m one of those who would rather take a trip to the dentist (even with a drill involved) than write about me.

However, for anyone still clinging to this page hoping for a bit of useful information, I will be the kind and considerate soul I am, and continue typing.

I was born and raised in the UK on the south coast. I’ve never managed to leave, so still get to enjoy walks along the beach (pebbles and all) when I get the time. I had a regular childhood, which involved alternately getting along really well with, and hating with a passion, my younger sister (she’ll tell you exactly the same, only the other way around – aren’t siblings great :-)).

I once thought I wanted to be a filmmaker, but came to the conclusion that I would rather write the fantasy than direct it. To earn some money after college, I became an Admin Assistant, which bizarrely led to my current employment as an Application Developer(long story). Not sure I could get much further away from the creative pursuit of writing than the logical application of programming, but there you go!

I’ve always loved writing, and could usually be found scribbling something down on a piece of paper during school lessons. Unfortunately, the scribble was never related to the subject I was supposed to be learning about. All that scribble led to my novel, “Racing the Dark”, completed in January 2010 and still undergoing rewrites. Yeah, OK, it’s taking me a while.

And, as they say, that’s just the beginning… 😉

Fun Facts

  1. I am the only member of my immediate family who doesn’t have a birthday in the summer. Somehow, I managed to be born in the autumn.
  2. I spent a year at a higher education (I use the term loosely) establishment in Middlesbrough. If I never see that place again, it will be too soon *shudder*.
  3. I can play the piano. Not well, you understand, but sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might be able to recognise the tune I’m hammering out.
  4. When I was in high school, my friends and I would get together to make films with a Video 8 camcorder.

Racing the Dark

In a world ruled by vampires, sixteen-year-old Amanda risks her life to try to locate the one person who may hold the key to defeating them – the mythical Descendant.

Casey and the Hereafter

After numerous lifetimes, fourteen-year-old Casey Simmons, has finally earned the right to go to the Hereafter, which would be great if she didn’t have the whole of this life ahead of her. Or she stood the tiniest chance of being able to refuse the gift.

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